When we walk barefoot over a warm, fine-grained sandy beach, gently caressed by the waves or over the dew-covered grass of a summer meadow, then we feel them. The special connection established via our feet to our entire body and our emotional world. In everyday life, however, we are often not aware of this connection. Sturdy shoes and thick working boots protect our feet but often prevent this valuable “sense of foot”. Walking, which seems so natural to us, always requires a complex interaction of about 200 muscles and almost all joints of our body as well as our senses of balance, sight, and touch.

Our foot muscles atrophy because of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and wearing incorrect and/or poorly fitting shoes. The results include malpositions such as flat, splay, or fallen feet as well as unlearning to feel with our feet. Rukapol® launches Rukapol®_Senso, the first barefoot work shoe. The ingenious interplay of the FLEXOgrip_Senso_outsole, which has been specially developed over many years of research, and the Fit-Aktiv_Senso removable insoles creates sensorimotor properties that make your feet feel good again. You don’t have to forego the usual high standards of protection and quality. Nor do you dispense with the perfectly coordinated fit of Rukapol® safety shoes.