Rukapol work and safety shoes are equipped with a Sympatex membrane.

In the functional textiles segment, Sympatex Technologies proves that high-tech and environmental protection can complement each other. For example, the Sympatex membrane is made of polyether ester that is harmless to health, 100% recyclable, PTFE- and PFC-free, and therefore absolutely environmentally friendly and skin-friendly.
The Sympatex membrane is certified with Öko-Tex® Standard 100, product class 1.



  • Durable waterproofness protects against moisture
  • Optimal breathability depending on climatic conditions
  • Combination of high breathability with good insulation in very cold weather
  • Combination of highest breathability, very good thermal conductivity, and excellent moisture management in warm weather and high activity
  • Use of extremely abrasion-resistant lining materials
  • Certification of all laminates according to ISO 20345-347
  • Climate-regulating polyester membrane
  • In cold conditions, the closed structure of the membrane enables optimal insulation
  • In warm conditions or high activity, the membrane reacts dynamically (i.e. additional moisture is transported outwards at an accelerated rate)
  • Environmentally friendly 100% recyclable polyester membran



Sympatex Moisture-Tech® 360°
Perfect 360° micro-climate in the shoe through a combination of Moisture-tech® lining and innovative removable insole

How it works

In addition to the accelerated removal of moisture in the shaft area by the Moisture-tech® lining laminate, the removable insole provides a 360° effect. The removable insole draws moisture away from the foot or sock and temporarily stores it in an innovative intermediate layer.
The rolling movement of the foot creates a ventilation or pumping effect in the channel structure of the removable insole, which transfers moisture in the form of water vapour evenly to the shaft, which is equipped with Moisture-tech® lining laminates. This means that moisture can be released to the outside over a large surface area via the entire shaft. When using a standard removable insole, the moisture is not transported away from the foot and thus causes a moisture accumulation in the comfort-relevant zone (sock).

The technology of the Moisture-tech® 360° removable insole enables all-round perspiration removal and ensures optimum wearing comfort and dry feet.


Technical material innovations for a healthy foot climate.

These innovations can bring many improvements to the shoe wearer.


Spacer fabric

• Air cooled

• Automatic rear ventilation due to two-layer structure

• High breathability


Available in 2 colours:

silver and yellow


Traditional loden laminated with original PRIMALOFT®

• Extreme cold insulation

• High moisture absorption

• Very pleasant skin feeling