We focus on the health of people. We have made it our business to meet their needs. We therefore protect the health of our customers with our products.

We meet the requirements of our customers on the basis of assured scientific knowledge and by using state-of-the-art technology. An important goal of our company is the permanent improvement of our products. We therefore invest in the continuous technological development of our products. Quality and innovation leadership are our top priority.

We regard our customers as partners and treat them with respect and fairness. Customer orientation – taking into account the legal and technical possibilities – is our top priority. The best possible advice and supply of our customers is a matter of course.

We see our suppliers as motivated and competent partners. Each of our suppliers makes an important contribution to the overall result of our company and supports us in achieving our product requirements.

We offer our employees continuous training and further education opportunities. We regard our employees and their skills as important for the success of our company. We regard our employees as an extended part of our family. The friendly and respectful treatment of our employees therefore has top priority.

Regionality stands for quality and sustainability. We are committed to our product “Made in Austria” and our location in Ramingdorf.

As a family business, we work in a cost-conscious and success-oriented manner. Our strategy has a long tradition and is maintained and continuously developed by us. Environmentally friendly work is one of our basic principles. We work according to the principle of careful use of resources. We want to ensure that future generations have the same conditions as we do.