Rukapol Manufaktur für Sicherheitsschuhe GmbH

Ramingdorf 27
A-4441 Behamberg

T: +43/ (0)7252/82001-0
F: +43/ (0)7252/82001-8      

Production facility:
Ramingdorf 27
A-4441 Behamberg

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Location: Behamberg
Street: Ramingdorf 27

Our company building is located on a “bicycle road”. The road is restricted for residents, but please observe the traffic information, especially the prescribed maximum speed of 30 km/h.

Company register:

FN86840g LG St. Pölten
DVR-Nr. 0705721
UID-Nr. ATU17171708

ARA Lizenz-Nummer: 7006