We are your reliable partner when it comes to PPE. We think and act in a customer-oriented manner. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We can help you with consultation, ordering, and product and delivery information as well as with exchange, repair, and warranty.

Exchange right:

Within 30 days after receipt of the goods, you can exchange the ordered goods. Returns and exchanges are quick and uncomplicated. Please download the return form, which describes the exchange in detail. Enclose the completed return form in your return package.

Excluded from exchange are: worn and soiled shoes as well as shoes without toe protection cap according to EN 20347.

Warranty, repairs, complaints:

The warranty period for our products is 12 months from delivery of the goods for material and processing defects. Excluded from this warranty are parts that are subject to natural wear and tear (e.g. outsoles). Also excluded are damages that occur to the product within the scope of its protective function. We also cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by improper care and incorrect use. However, such damage can be repaired by us at cost price provided that this is technically possible.

Because of the ageing process of the materials, especially of the outsole and the sole adhesives used, it is no longer recommended to wear the shoes after 5 years from the production date (visible on the label on the inside of the shoe tongue).

Please download the return form, which describes the exchange in detail.

Please enclose this return form completely filled out with your return package and send both back.

In order to prevent misunderstandings, please enter the invoice or delivery note number in the appropriate field of the return form in case of warranty claims. Please note that complaints must always be sent in pairs.

Please understand that we only accept brushed shoes for repair. Dirty shoes are returned unrepaired and freight collect.


Return form to download